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Protect Your IoT Devices From Code Exploitation

Nyx Software Security Solutions specializes in security in embedded systems, operating systems and low-level software, including real time operating systems, Linux kernel, Android and more.

Exploit Mitigation Solutions


Every logic has its flaws. When a vendor develops its product, it knows what it should do and how to do it best, as it’s in the vendor’s specialty fields. However, security is usually not the main business of most embedded companies.
Say your product has some zero-day vulnerability that you are unaware of. Then, an attacker finds this vulnerability and exploits it in order to take control of the device without you knowing. She then holds the power for everything: From stealing your credentials to impersonating your identity.
We provide a safe environment that analyzes your software both offline and online and implements secure mechanisms to find potential weak points in your software and protect them, should a malicious attacker will try to exploit them and execute her own code instead of yours.

Secure Cryptographic Environment

Any embedded device has its software that implements the logic of the device. Sometime, an update is needed for the device: whether to add additional functionality, improve performance or patch vulnerabilities. This update process is a paramount feature for any device in order to ensure continuous improvement.
However, this is a possible point of weakness for the device. An attacker might exploit a weak software update flow in order to inject malicious code within the update process and eventually lead to malicious software being run on the device.
Our solutions provide tailor made cryptographic mechanisms in order to make sure any device update is authenticated and secure, to prevent any attacker from interfering in the update process. Then you can be sure your updates will arrive at their respective endpoints intact.
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